Make sure you check each league we are associated with – Your venue may already be a part of one of the many “Joint Venture Partnerships” we have in place, rewarding clubs through their leagues affiliation.

Participating United Petroleum sites are listed within the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

  • PLEASE NOTE that a very small number of United Petroleum sites are privately owned and can choose not to participate in rewards programs at their own discretion.

United Petroleum Fuel Discount members will enjoy fantastic savings on your fuel purchases whilst also raising valuable sponsorship funds for your nominated sporting club or charity.

Best of all, the discounts will be immediate – following sign-up, a pre-registered rewards card will be sent directly to the members address and is ready to use in store the day of delivery!

And, there is no need for your members, players, supporters, sponsors or club associates to buy any other items to redeem the offer. Simply Shop, Swipe & Save!

The equation is SIMPLE…

100 people X 40lt over 52 weeks over the year = $4160 FOR YOUR CAUSE OF CHOICE.

The more people you sign, the more money you earn – ITS THAT SIMPLE…!


I have attached several flyers, documents and promotional banner to be used throughout the club or on your Facebook Pages.


Members need to select the club they would like their rewards attributed to and fill in some very basic details.

At United, we remain focused on our vision of continuously enhancing the delivery of excellent value for our customers and providing competitively priced fuel and conveniences around Australia.

Don’t forget to promote to the wider community and other club supporters about the program.

It’s free to join and they’ll thank you for saving them money whilst your club is reaping the rewards !


If we can help in any other way, please call the United Cards Team on 1300 383 587.

Happy motoring and safe travels.